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Our Mission Statement

Train hard and expect, the unexpected!    


Our Inspiration

We Teach "The  Art of Fighting, without  Fighting".    

-Bruce Lee, The late great master of Kung Fu, founder of

Jeet Kune Do "The Way of the Intercepting Fist".   








Our Motto

It's better to have it & not need it, than need it & not have it.

Advantages of having a Florida Concealed Weapons License

1. Reciprocity with 37 states

2. Professional firearms training, safety, & liabilities 

3. General knowledge of State & Federal law

4. Ability to purchase firearms on the same day

Our most requested training is the



Our CWL training is different because our course includes the necessary materials to meet and exceed the mandated hours and requirements of the State of Florida for the application of the Florida Concealed Weapons License, is conducted by a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, is one-on-one

(no videos) and includes the following:


  • All documentation necessary to apply for the Concealed Weapons License (CWL) License

  • 2-3 hours classroom theory and lecture:  Basic Firearms Safety,  Fundamentals of  Firearms and shooting, Stance, Breath Control,  Sight Alignment, Trigger Control,

  • Legal Liabilities, Florida Law and States with Reciprocity

  • 1 hour of practical training (Range Time): Firearm shooting, Stance, Breath Control,  Sight Alignment, Trigger Control

  • Firearm and ammo


The CWL course is conducted by a certified NRA firearms Instructor with over 20 years of Federal Law Enforcement experience.


* Important Notice

* Please call; (954)881-9585 prior to making payment.

* Course fee $125.00 dollars includes transaction fee.

* To register go to "Contact" page under "Buy Now". 

* To pay via Zelle contact above captioned phone number. 


* NRA Courses:

* Basic Pistol Shooting Course

* Personal Protection Inside The Home
* Personal Protection Outside The Home
* Defensive Pistol Course

* For further information, please visit the NRA website at;


* Prices are subject to change


*  No refunds.

*  Range fee & safety equipment not included in course fee.

*  Courses must be taken within 10 business days of booking. 

*  Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance,

*  Or subject to paying full fee.

*  Rescheduling fee $50.00.

*  Gratuities are appreciated.

*  Classes also available in spanish. 

*  Entrenamiento de armas de fuego disponible en espanol. Para mas detalles mandenos su informacion de contacto via correo electronico a: 


“Because, police and military instructors have an institutional integrity of purpose that is demanded for critical training” (Bob Campbell).  There are a lot of classes’ offered at discounted rates with instructors that are not qualified.  Below is the link to a great article by Bob Campbell explaining why it is important to hire instructors with prior Police or Military Training.

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 Learn to shoot safely & proficiently in a group with fellow women

Course Includes:   Use of firearms, targets, ammunition, eye and ear protection,  State of Florida Concealed Weapon License Certificate, lunch and free “Goody bags” for all registrants.


* Registration is non-refundable

* Clinic is rain or shine. 

* No firearms or ammo permitted in class.

* Registrants MUST be 21 years of age or older to attend.

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